Change of Plans

Because my Senior Project was a little too far fetched in terms of accomplishments, i have decided to change it and of course finalize it. As for the current state of my senior project, my mom would much rather I focus on a senior project about myself centered around myself and finally to better myself. This is how I came about the idea to turn my life around by only allowing myself to be centered around positivity. This means I will modify my own pessimistic behaviors, declutter my life and set it on the right track. With this change I will edit my website to fit the theme as well as list my goals and check off my accomplishments. The first step i took was disconnecting for a day and going on a Nature hike to Carson Falls. During this hike i had no cell service and had the opportunity to just be one with my thoughts ( and my dogs). This change will not only better my life but maybe better others aswell. I used to be rather problematic to my friends, always arguing and causing issues but since ive realized this issue the change has been implemented. A journal or diary entry will help the reader better understand my journey as well as a time line, photos and media and a final result.


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